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Inge Merkentrup is an author from Oldenburg.


She wrote her first stories as a teenager and continued throughout her studies of Germanistik, History and Social sciences in Münster. After returning to NRW in 1980 she wrote her  Phantasiegeschichten (phantasy stories).

Some of these stories have been published in „Ganz nebenbei“(by the way), in 2008.


Schatzmutter schießt scharf“ (treasuremom shots) from 2009 is a novel about violence in relationships. The author presented this book so far in five German states in Schleswig-Holstein, Sachsen-Anhalt, Hamburg, NRW and within Niedersachsen. 2011 a local radio station aired an interview. This novel is listed by "Weisse Ring" - an organisation for victims of (sexual) violence.


Allt/dagsironien nicht nur im Waschsalon / nich bloot in de Waschstuuv“ (Every days irony - not just in the washing saloon) has been reviewed by the press as well. The text is written in High and Low German. The Low German bit was written by Spiekerbaas Rita Kropp.

Ironizied are topics like holidays, shopping, diet, sports. For the special athmosphere the storys are sometimes set at a washing saloon, where Erika and Libseth, the two protagonists do anything, but washing.



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