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My name is Susi.

I was born in Halle, Saale. When and how? June, 18th, 1990, at 08:55 o'clock and my weight was 3080 grams.

I am really into men, in particular into Charles Bukowski and Stefan Zweig, Gustave Doré and William Adolphe Bouguereau.
The love of writing came accidentally - I needed a distraction.
In 2004 I met Luisa and for the past 11 years, we became best friends.
The idea to "Frühling, Sommer, Herbst und Schnaps" (spring, summer, autumn and brandy) came along by a phone call. Sometime in February 2011, Luisa called and said: ". Let's write a book," I said, "Okay."
The first beginnings were easy, the first nights creatively.
After the first draft I realized writing a novel is a completely different caliber than poems and short stories that I've written before.
For four years now, Berlin is my home. I love Berlin and I think Berlin somehow loves me.

But in my heart I'm Hallenserin.

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