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In February 1944, our family was bombed out, therefore we moved to Sagan, where my father worked in the defence industry. From there my parents had to flee with us five children early in January 1945. After a 4 month march to Friedland we were quartered  in a village (Westharz).
At twenty I met my great love and married her a year later. She gave birth to two wonderful children.
I was trained as a window dresser but later found pleasure in the screen printing craft and in 1980, after 2 hard years learning the theory, I passed the master exam, as an autodidact.

In 1991 I got self-employed, thanks to my family.
In June 2004, I lost my wonderful wife to cancer after a 5-year battle. One day when I could no longer remember her voice, I began, out of fear of losing more memories, to write them down.
With this record of my past, I have, thank God,dragged myself from the dangerous dump of grief. A few years later, after I had also lost my daughter, I found support and joy in a new relationship, arising from a fateful encounter with a woman who I already knew from childhood.
Influenced by the first 20 years of my life, I am more restrained, controlled and fond of nature. I am very much into household skills, like to bake, cook, embroider and sew. It is also said, that I might have some technical skills.
Since 2005, after the dissolution of our company, I now live in the historic town of Rinteln on the river Weser. Here I finally found peace  to turn my notes into a book, and maybe I'll have a few other ideas to get on paper

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