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 „Fotografieren heißt Malen mit Schatten“

"Photography is painting with shadows"

Because of this philosophy, the photographer Christian Baltrusch from Unna often had to listen to the accusation that his pictures are too dark. But thus can not put off the 49 year old. "Contrary to the literal translation of the term "photography "(painting with light), with me it is the shadow, not the light, that composes the picture," says the autodidact.

At an early age his interest in photography was awaken. At the beginning he only had modest equipment  ("my good old Canon T60 has a place of honor in my collection"), but later it on it was the challenges that inspired him further. Extensive travels, for example, in Brittany, strengthened its focus on the essentials. Long he held on to the analogue material; Sometimes he misses the lonely hours in his little black / white laboratory. "It is simply fascinating to see how an image is created, seemingly coming out of nowhere onto the photographic paper."
The image is created in the mind. Then the camera helps,  to bring it onto the paper.
A friend asked him to photograph their wedding. That was the start of his digital age. Since then he is smitten; from now on the camera was "his third eye". Portraits, Nudes, nature, weddings, beauty and fashion are his subjects. The concert photography holds a special place for him. There he finds a perfect working environment. The sometimes minimal light use and the actions of the performers on stage are fascinating.
"But sometimes I have to sit back and recharge some energy." This he finds in long trips to his favorite island: Ireland. "At the right time of the year  the highlights and shadows there are simply breathtaking ... and the inner rest will come easy!"
In addition to "Painting with Shadows"  Baltrusch embraces the music of the ex-Genesis singer Ray Wilson. At a concert  on July 08 2009, supported by the Berlin Symphony Ensemble, on the courtyard Salder Kultursommer Salzgitter, the request was brought to Baltrusch, to initiate at the same time  a photo exhibition about the singer. For years Baltrusch photographed this exceptional artist, so it was a great honor for him to present  his photos to a wider audience.

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