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Hubertus Deick was born in the former German province of Pomerania (Pommern), that is now known as  Woiwodschaft pomorskie in Poland. 1945 he was living in Sachsen-Anhalt. 

After graduation in Halberstadt, he studied Civil Engineering at the TU(Technical Universities) in Dresden and Darmstadt. He worked 40 years in the construction industry, first as a structural engineer, construction manager and branch manager for a large German construction company, then as a technical director in a medium sized company. For more than eight years he was a guest lecturer for construction at the University of Siegen. In his free time he climbed enthusiastically high mountains and traveled often to the places of the origin of our culture. Following his retirement he discovered writing as a hobby. He lives in Nackenheim and walks his Belgian shepherd dog every day in the Rheinhessen vineyards.

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