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Sonju DiCarmen was born in 1976 in the Nibelungen city Worms.  Besides a degree in business languages from the LCCI London and a diploma as a sales specialist, her recent biography includes vocational employment as an assistant in export business for the automotive industry and working in the middle management as Head of Supply Chain Department for a medical manufacturing company. For almost eight years, she has worked as an authorized representative at her father's company and managing her own wellness studio alongside her full-time job (business studies & bankruptcy). She speaks several languages fluently like Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit. Her first novel "Karan" was being published in 2007, followed by "Dev", "Jaan" and "Memu". 2011 they were translated into several languages. The same year she quit her current profession in favour of becoming full-time involved in the film and publishing business. As co-producer she contributed to the film I AM, which has been awarded with the National India Award. By 2014, she founded the Onir Film Festival , the brands Brighton Events®, "SDC® Fashion", "The Bollywood Academy®", as well as the annual Nibelungen Buchmesse®. In her spare time she supports multiple child support projects in India. She enjoys  reading books, watching movies, writing and traveling (among others, India and England belong to her favorite destinations). But there is nothing like playing with her dogs an English bulldog named Sir Davey Jones and his friend Sir Henri of the tribe of Chihuahua.


Previous publications:
Karan (Roman) Language: German
Dev (Roman) Language: German
Jaan (Roman) Language: German
Memu (Roman) Language: German
Karan (Novel) Language: English
Dev (Novel) - Language: English

Planned/future projects:
 Jaan (Novel) - translation in process - language: English 
Memu (Novel) - translation in process - language: English 
Tani (Novel) 
Moti (Novel) 

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