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Onir is an Indian film director, editor, writer and producer. Together with actor Sanjay Suri he has started Anticlock Films, a production company that will concentrate on promoting young directors.

He studied comparative literature and took a few film classes at Chitrabani film school. He graduated from Jadavpur University in 1989, but left before getting his post-graduate degree when he received a scholarship to study films in Berlin. He later returned to India and worked as an editor for music videos and films like Bhoot and Rahul. He also served as an assistant to Kalpana Lajmi on Daman: A Victim of Marital Violence, where he had his first experience directing a full-length feature film. His directorial debut My Brother Nikhil deals with the Goan government's harsh treatment of AIDS patients in the 1980s and the stigma attached to them. My Brother Nikhil was screened at several international film festivals and Juhi Chawla received an IIFA nomination for her role as the main character's supportive sister.


Onirs previous work as ...

…. Director
1991 Tiger's Nest (documentary short)
1992 Fallen Hero (documentary short)
2005 My Brother Nikhil
2006 Bas Ek Pal
2008 Sorry Bhai!
2011 I Am
2011 The Face
Shab (Announced)
 …. Writer
2005 My Brother Nikhil
2006 Bas Ek Pal
2011 I Am
…. Editor
2001 Rahul
2001 Daman: A Victim of Marital Violence
2003 Fun 2shh: Dudes In the 10th Century
2003 Bhoot
2005 My Brother Nikhil
2011 I Am
 …. Producer
2005 My Brother Nikhil
2008 Sorry Bhai!
2011 I Am

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