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We prefer to handle works by previously unknown authors of almost every genre, simply anything we like!!!

Of course, as publishers, we are always interested in new authors, manuscripts and book projects. If you have written a manuscript that could fit into our program, you should contact us.Please send your works to the following address:.


                                           Brighton Verlag


                                           Deutschherrenstraße 3

                                           55234 Ober-Flörsheim


Guidelines for submission of manuscripts:

Please follow the instructions below:

1.Send us a presentation and one to three sample chapters. A detailed outline can be useful, too.

2. Please send us abstracts/manuscripts printed on paper! NO floppy disks and NO E-mail attachments.

3. Return postage: If you would like your manuscript returned, please enclose an appropriate return postage!

4. First, we send you a letter acknowledging receipt. Then, based on experience, it takes (unfortunately) up to three months before you hear back from us.

5. What we do not publish: manuscripts that play down the sexual exploitation of wards /minors!


6. The publisher is not liable for the submitted manuscripts!
A non-specific call for submissions shall not be construed as a request or order to submit a manuscript to the publishers.

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